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Q. What is the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council?

A. The SW MN Private Industry Council, Inc. (PIC) is a private non-profit organization which provides career development and job training services for youth, adults, dislocated workers, incumbent workers and assists businesses with workforce development needs.

Q. How are we connected to the WorkForce Center?

A. The SWMNPIC is one of the core partners in the WorkForce Center system, and is responsible for providing the Title I Workforce Investment Act (WIA) services, which include Adult, Youth and Dislocated Worker Services.  The other partners include Wagner/Peyser, Rehabilitation Services and State Services for the Blind.

Q. What services do you offer?

A. We offer the following services:

  • Job Search Workshops
  • Aptitude, interest and proficiency assessments for career planning
  • Resume development assistance
  • Employment opportunities
  • Career Exploration and Planning
  • Labor Market Information
  • Training Information
  • Education Referrals

Q. Do I need to qualify for services?

A. Certain services do have eligibility requirements such as persons seeking tuition assistance or work experience opportunities.  Many of the services offered are considered CORE services and do not require eligibility.  Contact your local office to determine if the services you are seeking have eligibility requirements.

Q. Do I have to be unemployed to use your services?

A. No

Q. Do I have to be a resident of southwest Minnesota to use your services?

A. Preference for services is given to southwest Minnesota residents for certain eligibility based services.  In general, CORE services are available to any person, regardless of residence.

Q. Where are your offices located?

A. Offices are located in Montevideo, Marshall and Worthington.

Q. What hours are you open?

A. General business hours are 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday


Job Seeking

Q. Can you help me look for a job?

A. Yes, the SWMNPIC staff can offer a variety of support while you complete a job search:

  • Resource Room: The Resource Room is where we have a number of resources for the job hunt, including computer, internet, fax, and phone use, books on every aspect of the job seeking, and the latest regional employment news.
  • SWMNPIC Staff: Trained Staff are available every weekday to answer questions and provide technical assistance pertaining to employment/training issues.
  • Workshops: Throughout the year SW MN PIC and WorkForce Center Staff present workshops that cover a variety of employment related topics, such as: resumes, interviewing, online resources, etc. Contact the nearest WorkForce Center for information on the next one.

Q. Will you find a job for me?

A. Trained staff are available to offer support at the level that best suits individual needs.  For example, depending upon circumstances staff might provide counseling and advice or they might make a contact with an employer on behalf of the individual.

Q. Where can I get help with my resume, cover letter, interview skills, etc?

A. The SWMNPIC offices have resource rooms that have books, videos, computer programs, etc., to help with resumes, cover letters, and interviewing skills, in addition to workshops held each month.

Q. Will you write my resume for me?

A. A well written resume is an important job searching tool.  The SWMNPIC staff can provide valuable input to you as you develop your resume.

Q. Can you help me with child care?

A. Please contact your local county services office for more information. Full list under our “Assistance” tab above.

  • The Minnesota Child Care Resource and Referral Network is a statewide network of community agencies offering comprehensive, individualized, listings of child care and education options while also working to build a diverse, high-quality child care system accessible to all Minnesota families. Detailed information on child care is available through a child care resource and referral service in your area, our comprehensive online database of caregivers.


Q. Can you help me decide what would be a good career for me?

A. A good career can only be decided on by you. But there are a couple of items that can help you with that decision. One area is the various types of career assessments available through our agency. The other is the insight provided through the job counselor that you will be working with and how your test results jive with both your interests and aptitude. When combined, these two areas will provide the needed data that will help you make the best choice for your future career options.

Q. What can I learn from taking a career assessment?

A. We have several types of assessment that can be used as either alone or in combination with other assessments. These determine, by how you answer the questions, which areas of education or employment are best suited to your personal situation. When making a choice both interest and aptitude need to be considered equally. If either is not in the high range, then job success will not be promising.

Q. Can you tell me what schools offer the training I need?

A. We can help you find the most appropriate school for the particular area you are interested in. We have many school catalogs in our resource room that offer a wide range of academic options and can help you sort out the various needs that each school will require.

Q. Can you help me with financial aid for school?

A. Yes we can, depending on your eligibility for any particular program that our agency administers. This financial help also depends on the demand that your particular occupation has. An occupation with low demand for workers will not be eligible for financial help through any of our programs due to Federal requirements.

Q. Where can I go to study English, or get help with a GED?

A. Your local Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs provide adults with instruction on the English language as well as GED preparation help, and help with basic skills. ABE sites are located in most communities. For more information, contact the following regions:

Business Services

Q. Can you help me train my employees?

A. Yes. The SW MN PIC offers various types of training support through federal and state funded programs:

  • On the job training (OJT) partners employers and job seekers in providing training for eligible individuals and companies. Companies of all sizes can benefit from this training. On the job training reimburses the employer up to 50 percent of the wage rate of the new employee to cover the extraordinary costs of providing training and supervision. The goal of the OJT program is to help participants acquire skills in occupations that will enhance their prospects for long-term employment and will ultimately permit them to become self-sufficient. The maximum time that an employer can be reimbursed for a new OJT employee is based on the skill level of the job and content of the training. On the job training is intended to lead to a regular job upon successful completion of the training.
  • Incumbent worker training
  • Customized training – we will work with you to identify skills shortage areas, and connect you to appropriate training resources.

Q. Can you help me find employees?

A. We offer the following resources to find employees:

  • We offer job listings on the Minnesota Works. You can list your job openings and find qualified applicants from your desktop, including access to your confidential employer account.
  • If you would rather have one of our employments specialists list your job openings on the state job bank web site, you can call any of the local offices.
  • We can offer applicant recruitment and/or screening, through our enhanced services.
  • Interviewing and recruiting space is available.

For more information, please contact one of our business services representatives:

Denise Myhrberg, Business Services Specialist (Marshall/Worthington)

Julie Redepenning, Business Services Specialist (Montevideo)

Luke Greiner, Regional Labor Market Analyst


Q. Can you help me with applications and interviewing?

A. Yes, we offer the following resources:

  • We offer space available for applicant recruitment and/or screening
  • Through our enhanced services, we can advertise your job openings, contact potential applicants, interview, and make recommendations on potential employees.

Q. Can you provide specialized employment assessments for me?

A. Through our enhanced services, we can offer various career assessments which could help narrow down your list of applicants. Or if you have specific assessments you use within your business, we can administer them to applicants.

Q. Tell me more about your enhanced services.

A. Enhanced services are those extra services that are provided to businesses for a fee, such as recruiting, testing, outplacement services, employee workshops (on or off-site), computer-skills training, development of personnel policies and procedures handbooks, etc. For more information, contact one of the local SWMNPIC offices.

Q. How do I start my own business?

A. Here are some links to valuable resources related to starting your own business:

  • Minnesota’ Department of Employment and Economic Development has a guide for thinking through the steps for laying a foundation for a new business.
  • Southwest Initiative Foundation The mission of the Southwest Initiative Foundation is to be a catalyst, facilitating opportunities for economic and social growth by developing and challenging leaders to build on the region’s assets.
  • Southwest Minnesota Small Business Development Center: The Southwest Small Business Development Center is a resource for business assistance. They provide a unique array of services, expertise and training in all areas of business development, including starting, growing, developing, and selling a business design.
  • Minnesota Center of Rural Entrepeneurship: The Center of Rural Entrepreneurship (CORE) began with a group of stakeholders who recognized a need in Southwest Minnesota for a tool that would provide a streamlined path to entrepreneurial resources. This tool was created to fit the needs of the start-up, existing and transitional entrepreneurs and the needs of resource providers. CORE also recognizes that entrepreneurs come in all age groups consisting of youth, mainstream and senior. CORE can be seen as a business plan that is a “living document” that will continually grow and evolve as needs and the economy change.

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