The Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council (PIC), Minnesota West Community and Technical College (MN West), and Southwest Adult Basic Education- Marshall/Granite Falls (ABE) partnered to provide Nursing Assistant courses integrating wrap around services, work-readiness skills, and career planning. Ultimately, the goal of our Career Pathway courses are to create career pathways for participants while creating systems change in strengthening partnerships locally to better support individuals to increase employability and provide employers with skilled workers.

The Nursing Assistant course was held between the months of October and December 2019. Eight (8) individuals were offered a variety of learning experiences with the objective to prepare them to enter or advance their careers in the healthcare field.

MN West provides the instructor and curriculum for the Nursing Assistant course. The instructor schedules clinicals for the students. During this course, clinicals were held for three days on location of MN West Granite Falls campus. MN West works very closely with ABE and PIC to ensure students are successful from inception to the end. MN West provides in-kind meeting space, equipment, and access to labs.

ABE- Worthington provides a teacher whose role it was to deliver one on one and group study lessons leading up to the Nursing Assistant course, and also provided wrap around services during the course.

PIC provided Career Pathway Navigators whose role it is to support the students during the courses to be proactive about their success in the end. Ongoing support is a vital component for participants. Many are entering the workforce for the first time, some have had unsuccessful attempts at jobs, others may be reaching beyond what they have ever considered possible for themselves before. For this reason, the Navigators are available on an ongoing basis to provide a connection, encouragement, and/or to serve as a general resource. In addition, the Career Pathway Navigators job is to work towards connecting these students to local job opportunities with local employers. During the course, an employer panel is incorporated consisting of employers from local facilities. Employers share information about their facility and positions they have open. They also answer student’s questions they have about the work environment and other opportunities they may have such as tuition assistance programs and openings.

Seven (7) students PASSED (88%) and obtained their Minnesota Nursing Assistant License!! These students were also certified in First Aid/CPR through the American Heart Association. Six (6) of the students have obtained unsubsidized employment, and other is furthering their education.

If you are interested in learning more about upcoming courses, or as an employer how you can be engaged, please contact Kary Boerboom at or 507-476-3698.