Workers in Career Transitions

A mid-life job hunt comes with its own benefits and challenges, just like any stage in life. So, it is not a time for despair. There are unique challenges, but also unique benefits. The time is not better or worse — just different.

The challenges are obvious. This could be the first career change in decades for you. You could faced with an entirely different career with an entirely different skill set. You may feel vulnerable for the first time.

The truth of the matter is that you are not vulnerable. You have a solid resume and work experience to qualify you for your next job. You have the opportunity to explore a secret goal or passion.

Now is the time! Industries are booming, the internet has given you access to thousands of jobs and resources across the country!

The world is your oyster. Now let’s start at the beginning.

Recently Unemployed

  • We at the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council offer a number of different programs designed to help you. Please visit our Programs tab above for more information on the services we offer, or contact your nearest WorkForce Center using the Contact Us tab above.
  • The Homemakers Returning to Work Program is a program that can assist homemakers (workers who offered unpaid services to their family, supported by someone else’s income) looking for employment opportunities. The closest services providers are based out of St. Cloud and the Twin Cities.
  • C.O.B.R.A. is a US Government program which allows you to stay on your old company’s health insurance plan — at cost. Since it is at cost, it may not be the cheapest option, however if you have a preexisting condition which would make getting a new plan difficult, this could be a good option. Alternately, you can see if you are eligible for Medicaid.
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance offers potential relocation assistance, health coverage assistance, career training, and more to eligible employees who lost their jobs, hours, or income as a result of increased foreign trade activity. A petition for TAA must be filed, which can be done by a group of three or more workers or various officials. See here for more information on applying.
  • Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program provides temporary benefits to qualified persons out of work through no fault of their own. Visit their website or call 877-898-9090 for general information.

If you lost your job through no fault of your own, you may be eligible for some of our assistance programs. Contact your nearest WorkForce Center for more information.

Workers Over 55

  • Experience Works places unemployed, income-eligible workers over 55 in regional jobs to gain work experience and essential 21st century job skills through paid job placements. Priority will be show to veterans. There are offices in Montevideo and Madison, but if you live outside of those towns you can contact them at 320.321.1050 and they will connect you with a local representative.
  • The Senior Community Service Program behaves similar to Experience Works, helping eligible workers 55 and older get the current work experience they need through paid job placements. Currently, the only service provider in our region is the Senior Community Service Employment Program, serving Cottonwood, Jackson, Murray, Nobles, Pipestone, and Rock.

Job Hunting

Assess Yourself

Both being in one position for many years and being out of the workplace for many years can make you get out of touch with your strengths, passions, and goals. Now could be a good time to take one of our skill evaluation tests to see where you’re at. Maybe now is the opportunity to discover something new about yourself.

Visit our “Skills Identification/Development” page for more information, or contact your nearest WorkForce Center.

Functional Resume

The functional resume will become your best friend. If you are looking at starting a new career — whether out of interest or necessity — a functional resume will emphasize your general workplace abilities instead of specific work experience, helping you to qualify for a variety of new positions.

For help creating a new resume, please visit your nearest WorkForce Center.

To learn about other resume types, please watch our online resume tutorial or visit your nearest WorkForce Center.

Embrace Change

Now could be the time to rediscover yourself. It is terrifying to do something totally new, but ultimately it could be the most rewarding thing you’ve done.

Now could be the time you have to rediscover yourself. With the limited job opportunities in this region, looking for a new career could mean doing something totally new, learning something totally new, or moving somewhere totally new.

We promise that change can be good.

We are here to help you. Visit your nearest WorkForce Center for personalized career help.

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