Minnesotans are stubborn, resilient, and passionate. The effects of the pandemic are threatening the social and economic pillars of Southwest Minnesota – but our grit will not allow these pillars to fail. Many of our neighbors across the private and public sectors are making unprecedented sacrifices yet finding new ways to be in community, to support each other and together grow. The faith, determination, and collective resolve of Minnesotans provides great hope for tomorrow.

Minnesota West’s Focus
Your college, Minnesota West, is prepared for and essential to this collective endeavor. During the pandemic Minnesota West has centered on three priorities: 1) ensuring the safety & well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and communities; 2) assuring our students advance their educational plans; and 3) committing to the economic continuity of our communities and college. Coupled with the care, compassion, and dedication of our faculty and staff, our determined focus on these priorities brings an innovative energy to our commitment to students and region we serve.

Minnesota West’s Educational Priorities
Education and training are essential to the social and economic recovery of Southwest Minnesota. Minnesota West’s portfolio of well-established transfer courses, relevant career/tech & management programs, and accredited nursing/allied health offerings are paired with tele-support systems that assure our students complete their education and transition immediately into a career or a four-year educational institution.

Minnesota West’s proven history in distance education enables us to provide essential programs and training to our students – your neighbors. We have been delivering award-winning education via distance for over 20 years; our faculty have developed and honed their approaches through informed and tested methodology. Our portfolio consists of online classes enhanced with simulations and engagement strategies, flexible programs which blend online and essential face-to-face education (hybrid/flex), and small-group on-campus courses delivered with personal safety protocols & social distancing expectations. #DistanceLearningisWhatWeDo!

Supporting our Students and Families
We understand many students and their families are experiencing hardships, uncertainty, and difficult decisions. Our student support functions are fully accessible to all students and have been expanded to include food pantries, social & mental health services, and emergency grants. The Minnesota West Foundation Board has prioritized its efforts to solicit financial support from our friends and alumni. These donations will help offset unexpected financial hardships witnessed by our students and their families. Collectively, we are dedicated to supporting those who are just beginning college, those in midst of their educational plans, and our neighbors who are seeking a new career.

Together, Moving Forward
Education is the pathway to social and economic prosperity: for our students, their families, and our communities. Minnesota West is laser-focused on providing safe, affordable, relevant, and highly-supportive educational programs. This is the resolve of your college, and we are investing entrusted resources and reserves for the social and economic well-being of Southwest Minnesota – it is our purpose and our privilege.

Terry Gaalswyk, Ph.D. Minnesota West Community & Technical College