Essential Skills & Industry Recognized Training

From youth to adults, entry-level to experienced, our job seekers are ready for work.

Essential Skills Training

Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council (PIC) supports job seekers and young adults to gain the essential skills necessary to address your business needs including, but not limited to: communication, customer service, work ethic, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Career Pathway Training

PIC provides a series of training opportunities to help job seekers and young adults enter or advance in a career pathway for in-demand occupations, we partner with approved training institutions to assist individuals to earn industry-recognized credentials.

Earn & Learn

Earn & Learn opportunities gives job seekers and young adults the ability to earn an income while working and learning in-demand skills through the classroom and on-the-job instruction.


Designed to prepare an individual through participation and observation of work firsthand within a given industry. Highly structured experiences that occur at a work site, consist of paid, on-the-job training oftentimes supplemented by related classroom instruction.

Work Experience and Transitional Jobs (Work-Based Learning)

Employers can partner with PIC to provide work opportunities for job seekers and young adults to gain workforce skills by providing a supervised work site, for a designated length of time, for youth or entry-level adult workers. PIC is the employer of record, and pays the participant’s wage, FICA, and Worker’s Compensation insurance cost. 

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Employers can partner with PIC to provide OJT allowing you to hire and train skilled workers and get reimbursed for your efforts. PIC can reimburse up to 50% of the costs to provide on-the-job training for individuals you hire through the public workforce system.

Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWTP)

Funding assistance to qualifying Minnesota employers to provide skills training to current full-time (at least 32 hours per week), permanent employees. The training should improve the skills of the employer’s workforce, increase its competitiveness in a global economy, while also providing job security for its workers (layoff aversion).

Occupation & Industry Promotion

Many job seekers and young adults are not aware of the great career opportunities in our local area. Promotional activities are designed for job seekers and young adults to explore and gain a greater understanding of a particular industry, career or occupation of interest.

Job Shadow

Job seeker or young adult is paired with an employee of a partner business and follows that employee during much of a regular workday. Structured activities are encouraged, and PIC staff will assist you in designing these if you are interested any support to do so.

Business Tour

Small groups of students or job seekers visit a workplace, learn about the business and occupations, meet employees, ask questions and observe work in progress.

Guest Speaker

Job seekers or young adults listen to a presentation given by an occupational/industry professional to learn about the industry, career options within the industry and the specifics of particular occupations.

Informational Interview

Job seekers or young adult formally interviews an professional in an area of career interest to learn about the occupation, career options within the industry and the specifics of particular occupations.