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Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council (PIC)

believes in everyone’s potential and partners with individuals, employers, and schools to empower job seekers of all ages and backgrounds to find meaningful careers.

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Whether you're an employer seeking a highly skilled workforce

or an individual struggling to find rewarding employment

the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council crafts solutions tailor-made for you.

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I'm an Individual/Job Seeker

Career Advancement
Job Search Training
Skill Enhancement
Work-Life Equilibrium

I'm an Employer

Talent Acquisition
Workforce Training
Employee Retention Strategies
Workforce Performance Analysis

Want to Unlock Your Full Potential?

the journey towards finding fulfilling work can be challenging.
Navigating the employment landscape can be complex and time-consuming.

Finding a job you love can be tough. Figuring out where to start can be confusing and take up a lot of time. At Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, we help make things easier. Our services help you find a job that makes you happy and helps businesses succeed too.

Empowering Individuals, Elevating Businesses

We're here to help you:

Understand the job market
Identify your career interests & skills
Learn about potential career paths
Discover how to bridge skill gaps
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Explore our diverse range of services, designed to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses in Southwest Minnesota

Discover the Value of Investing
in Your Future Success

At Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, we enhance individual skills and employment prospects with customized programs, while assisting businesses with talent acquisition and training, fostering growth. Your partnership with us is a crucial investment towards a successful career and a thriving business economy.

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Career Empowerment

We empower individuals with the tools and resources needed to navigate the job market successfully and secure fulfilling employment.

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Business Growth

Our services provide businesses with a skilled workforce, equipping them with the necessary talent to drive growth and success.

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Community Impact

By helping individuals and businesses thrive, we contribute to the overall economic growth and success of our community.

Our Impact

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Through a shared focus on training, leadership, and education, our nonprofit organization has been able to make a tangible impact on our surrounding communitues for decades. We take pride in our work and building sustainable relationships.

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Clear and Easy Steps
Towards a
Brighter Future

Start your journey with Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council today and make your dreams a reality. Follow these simple, actionable steps to unlock your potential and secure your future:

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Sign Up to chat with a Career Specialist

Kick-start your journey towards success by connecting with a PIC representative.

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Find Appropriate
Opportunities, Just For You

Guiding you to a career that ignites your passion and leverages your talents.

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Find a career and
Embrace Opportunities

Gain an appreciation for the opportunities available in the workforce.

Client Success Stories

Your Achievements,
Our Shared Victory

Hear it from those who've walked the path of success with us.

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"She has earned enough wages to become self-sufficient and no longer receives any program assistance. She worked hard to meet her goals, and I am so proud of her!"

Amy Khamphanh
Worthington Office
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July 1, 2024

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Latest News

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Your Dedicated Partner in Career
and Business Success

The Southwest MN Private Industry Council is your dedicated partner in career and business success. We're committed to fostering strong career paths for individuals and enhancing business growth in southwest Minnesota through our focused approach on workforce development.

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