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Helping job seekers achieve their career goals

At Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, we are here to help you with comprehensive employment and training services as well as job placement support. Our organization offers a wide range of programs and assistance to help job seekers achieve their career goals and improve their employability. We understand that everyone's journey is unique, so we provide personalized guidance and support at every step.

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Our services are designed to empower you on your career path

These services include:

Resume, Job Application, and Interview Preparation

Receive expert guidance to create a compelling resume, complete job applications effectively, and excel in interviews.

Education and Training Assistance

We can help you explore further education opportunities and provide guidance on accessing financial aid and scholarships.

Goal Setting

Our experienced professionals will work with you to set achievable career goals and develop a roadmap for success.

Employment and Job Search Workshops

Attend informative workshops to learn effective job search strategies, networking techniques, and interview tips.

Career Assessments

Take advantage of assessments that help determine your interest levels and skills, enabling you to align your career choices accordingly.

Career Exploration and Advising

Receive personalized guidance to explore different career paths, identify your interests, and make informed decisions about your future.

Job Search Assistance and Referrals

Our dedicated team provides support in finding suitable employment opportunities that align with your skills and career goals. Learn about the latest openings in the region through our job listings.

Paid Work Experience and On-the-Job Training Opportunities

Through our partnerships with local employers, you can gain valuable work experience in real-world settings, allowing you to apply your skills and build your resume.

Support Services and Referrals to Other Service Agencies

If you are eligible for our programs, we provide Supportive Services such as transportation, childcare, and housing assistance to ensure your success in the employment journey. We also collaborate with various service agencies and can connect you with additional resources that may be of assistance.

Interested in a Program or service?

Our career specialists can help you identify a direction and develop a plan of action. The initial meeting can be the most important first step you will take toward preparing for a successful future.

Take your first step today!

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