Work-Based Training

Work-based training programs give job seekers and young adults the opportunity to gain workforce skills and relevant job experience, earn an income while working and learn in-demand skills through classroom instruction and/or on-the-job training. At the same time, employers benefit by gaining access to a pool of potential employees, reducing recruitment and training costs, and building a pipeline of future workers for your industry.

The Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council (PIC) has the following Work-Based Training Programs available to employers:


Internships are a great way to identify and potentially recruit talented staff into your permanent positions. Opportunity to engage in meaningful work, network, learn new skills, and receive valuable feedback are all important qualities of a quality internship.  PIC can assist you in developing and promoting an attractive internship opportunity. To learn more, please contact a PIC Youth Career Connector in your area.

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Work Experience and Transitional Jobs

Work experiences and transitional jobs give individuals with limited work history or experience greater opportunities to gain the skill sets needed by employers and to fill the jobs that are available.

How It Works

When a job seeker or young adult is identified as a potential candidate, the PIC agrees to pay the wage, worker’s compensation, and FICA for an individual in a work experience or transitional job. The employer provides a temporary work opportunity and supervision.  Supervision includes communicating clear job expectations to the employee and providing performance feedback to the employee and to the PIC. To learn more, please contact a PIC Youth Career Connector in your area.

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Employers can partner with PIC and receive a reimbursement of up to 50% of the trainee’s wages when they agree to hire an eligible worker. Funding received is to offset the cost of training a new employee over the length of the contract.

How It Works

To receive the wage reimbursement, the employer provides the training for the new employee. PIC can refer eligible candidates to the employer or the employer can refer potential candidates to the PIC to see if the candidate is eligible for the OJT program. The OJT contract must be approved by the PIC before the employee starts the job. The employer makes the hiring decision and PIC staff are available to address employee needs and is available for consultation. To learn more, please contact a PIC Adult Program Manager in your area.

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Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWTP)

Funding is available to qualifying Minnesota employers to provide training and upgrade the skills of its current full-time, permanent employees (incumbent workers). The training should improve the skills of the employer’s workforce, increase its competitiveness in a global economy, while also providing job security for its workers (layoff aversion). It should also give the employee the opportunity for wage gains and/or advancement within the company.

How It Works

An employer must be located in Minnesota, be registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office, in continuous operation for 18 months, match the grant with cash or in-kind contributions at the required level, and not in the process of a layoff. The employees must be at least 18 years of age, work at least 32 hours per week, committed to attendance at all trainings, earn an hourly wage above the state minimum wage, and agree to cooperate with data collection requirements. To learn more, please contact the Adult Program Manager.

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