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Career Training in Southwest Minnesota

Gaining in-demand skills and credential and post-secondary education leads to higher wages. At the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, we offer a range of comprehensive training and employment services designed to prepare you for a successful career. You may be eligible for tuition assistance, assistance with the cost of your books and other education related costs, or other support services.

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Career Pathways Training

Are you looking for short-term (3 months or less) training to acquire new skills and enhance your employment prospects?

Are you ready to embark on a rewarding career in a high-paying and in-demand field?

A career pathway training program is a structured training experience designed to prepare you for a specific career. Once in the program, you will gain the skills, knowledge, and credentials needed to pursue and obtain employment or advance within a specific industry or occupation.

We offer the following Career Pathways Training Classes:

Minnesota Nursing Assistant Certification (CNA)
Community Interpreter Training
Basic Welding
Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
Diesel Mechanic Certification
Paraprofessional Competency Training
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Tuition Assistance

Are you having trouble paying for college?

Does the financial aid you receive not cover all of your college expenses?

Our programs may be able to help you earn your degree. Career Specialists are available to work with you to find a quality career path that suits your interests and goals and walk with you through the process.

On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training (OJT) is a program designed to benefit both businesses and job seekers by offering valuable training opportunities. This program allows new hires to acquire occupational skills while earning a wage, providing a win-win situation for all involved.

The OJT program provides job seekers with an opportunity to gain valuable skills, earn a wage, and establish a promising career path. It encourages businesses to invest in the growth and development of new employees, contributing to a skilled workforce.

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Tailored Learning

OJT offers you the chance to learn skills that are specific to the industry and the business that you are interested in. This hands-on training provides practical experience that can be directly applied to your future career.

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Earn While You Learn

OJT allows you to receive a wage while being trained in a new skill or profession.

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Career Counseling and Guidance

Our Career Specialists will be with you every step of the way. From placing you in a partner organization that fits your interests and career goals, to providing support throughout your training. We are by your side to help you succeed.

Interested in a Program or service?

Our career specialists can help you identify a direction and develop a plan of action. The initial meeting can be the most important first step you will take toward preparing for a successful future.

Take your first step today!

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