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The Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, Inc. (PIC) helps develop the skills of workers of all ages to improve their career prospects. Our career specialists can help you identify a direction and develop a plan of action. The initial meeting can be the most important first step you will take toward preparing for a successful future.

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Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, Inc. Program Complaints

As the provider of multiple employment and training programs, including WIOA Title 1-B, the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, Inc. must adhere to the guidelines regarding Program Complaints. This form outlines the procedure for handling grievances and complaints.

Applicants/Participants must be provided information concerning their rights. If you are unhappy with the service, treatments, or if you disagree with the eligibility determination that you have received, please ask to discuss the issue with the impartial person designated to explore program complaints at the local level:

Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, Inc.
An informal attempt at resolution should take place prior to the filing of a formal written program complaint. Program complaints may be filed within one year of the alleged occurrence. A program complaint contains only an issue (reason for the complaint). It is processed as a program complaint under the Employment and Training Regulations (20 CFR, Subpart F, 667.600). If you wish to file a formal written WIOA Program complaint, please request a copy of the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, Inc.’s detailed WIOA Program Complaint Handling Procedures and the WIOA Program Complaint Form.

The local level has sixty days from receipt of a written complaint to issue a decision. A hearing before an impartial hearing officer shall be provided upon request from the complainant within the sixty (60) days allowed for resolution.

If a complaint is not resolved at the local level, it may be appealed to:

Karen Lilledahl, Equal Opportunity Officer
MN Dept. of Employment & Econ. Dev. (DEED)
Workforce Development Division
Office of Diversity & Equal Opportunity
1st National Bank Building
332 Minnesota Street, Suite E200
St. Paul, MN 55101-1351
Voice Telephone: 651-259-7089
TTY: 651-296-3900
FAX: 651-297-5343

You may file an appeal with DEED if you are:

  • Dissatisfied with the local decision, or
  • If the local level failed to issue the administrative decision within 60 days of the complaint filing date (total of 120 days from the date the complaint was filed).

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development WIOA Program Complaint Handling Procedures can be found at:

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