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Identify a direction and develop a plan

The Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, Inc. (PIC) helps develop the skills of workers of all ages to improve their career prospects. Our career specialists can help you identify a direction and develop a plan of action. The initial meeting can be the most important first step you will take toward preparing for a successful future.

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Fill out the Interest Form Below

Application Checklist

Check with a career specialist if you need help identifying any necessary documentation.

Complete the application. Be sure to fill in each section.

Sign and date all of the forms. If you are under 18, have your parent/guardian sign as well.

Include the required documentation:

  1. Verification of Social Security Number (Photo copy of Social Security Card or previous W-2) Verification of Birth Date (Photocopy of Driver’s License/State ID, Birth Certificate or School Record) Verification of Residency (Photocopy of Driver’s License/StateID, insurance card, library card, lease, postmarked mail addressed to yourself, etc.) Verification of right to work in U.S. (Driver’s License/ID Card AND Social Security card; OR Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration ReceiptCard)
  2. Eligibility Verification (document verifying any eligibility factors you indicate)
  3. Eligibility - Income Verification (if needed)

Parental Permission
(if under 18 years of age)

Youth who are under 18 years of age need to have parental permission to participate in the PIC Youth Programs. By signing this application, youth and parents agree to the following terms:

  • Youth has permission to work at a local worksite. There will be direct supervision.
  • A job coach will not be provided.
  • PIC Staff have permission to contact the participant's school for information on attendance and coordinating services.
  • Participants and/or parents will be responsible for transportation to and from the worksite.
  • Youth may be invited to attend workshops/training/etc. at a PIC office or in the surrounding area.
  • Photos may be taken of youth while participating in the Youth Programs. These may be published in the media.
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