Information Technology

Information Technology regional labor market information profile

The Information Technology (IT) field includes a number of occupations, ranging from computer programmers to database administrators to computer support specialists to web developers. The 23-county Southwest Minnesota region was home to around 2,000 workers in information technology occupations. The median hourly wage for computer and mathematical occupations was $28.04, which was nearly $9.00 per hour higher than the total of all occupations. About three-quarters of the IT job vacancies required postsecondary education and over 80 percent required at least a year of prior work experience – with wage offers closely tied to experience and training requirements.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT workers are employed in a wide variety of industries, ranging from expected industries like software publishers and computer systems design and related services, but also including traditional industries like management of companies, public administration, educational services, finance and insurance.

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