From Waitress to Welder: Lizbeth’s Story

Lizbeth wasn't your typical candidate for welding training. A young mom at 19, her most recent experience came from waiting tables at her family's business. But Lizbeth, a senior at Worthington Learning Center had the determination to build a better life for herself and her three-year-old son. That's where the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council (PIC) through their Minnesota Youth Program (MYP) and Youth at Work programs stepped in.

PIC works with young people and adults in a 14-county region, offering training and placement in in-demand careers. Lizbeth saw an opportunity, and with PIC's guidance, she enrolled in a welding program. The program wasn't easy. It meant juggling motherhood with the demands of learning a new skill. But Lizbeth persevered, earning six college credits – three in welding and three in blueprint reading.

Lizbeth photo
Lizbeth Welding Photo

Lizbeth's journey is more than just acquiring a skill; it's about resilience and strength. As she puts it,

"At 19, welding is more than just joining metals – it's a study in strength and precision. As I master this craft, I’m not only building structures but also constructing a resilient future, proving that determination and skill can forge the path to success."

Lizbeth's story doesn't end there. With her newfound skills and a hunger for more, she's set to enroll at Minnesota West Community College to pursue an HVAC career. Lizbeth's journey is an inspiration, a testament to the power of determination and the support offered by the PIC and its programs. She's not just welding metal; she's welding a future filled with opportunity, proving that with the right tools and unwavering spirit, anyone can forge their own path to success.

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