Empowering Futures: The 3rd Annual Major Madness Event

With the mission of educational and career opportunities for current and recently transitioned English Learners (EL) and first-generation students, LYFT Career Pathways, in collaboration with various partner organizations, successfully organized and executed the 3rd Annual Major Madness event. Held at SMSU on November 9th, 2023, and MN West on November 8th, 2023, the event attracted 112 students eager to explore the diverse possibilities awaiting them after high school.

Major madess panel

Event Highlights

  • The Major Madness event provided a unique space for juniors and seniors to explore career and academic opportunities beyond high school. Attendees listened to a panel of college students from diverse backgrounds share about their career and academic journeys to inspire and guide the attendees.
  • One of the event’s focal points was the small Discovery Fair, where students could interact directly with professionals representing some of the region’s high-demand occupations. This interactive setup allowed students to ask questions and gain valuable insights into potential career paths.
  • Admissions and financial aid staff from both Minnesota West and SMSU were on hand to provide information and guidance. This aspect of the event aimed to simplify the often complex processes of college admissions and financial aid, ensuring that every student had access to the resources needed to pursue their dreams.
  • For those interested in a firsthand experience, campus tours allowed students to look around campus and envision themselves as students at SMSU and Minnesota West.
  • The event also featured scholarship drawings that served as a tangible way to support the educational journeys of deserving students.

The Major Madness events demonstrate the commitment of these organizations to empower students from diverse backgrounds. By providing a platform for exploration, mentorship, and access to vital resources, the event has played a role in shaping the futures of the students who participate. We look forward to future collaborations that will continue to open doors and inspire the next generation of leaders and professionals in our community.

The event was made possible through the collective efforts of key partners, including LYFT Career Pathways, the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, SMSU, Minnesota West, SWWC Service Cooperative, Southwest Initiative Foundation, and Southwest Adult Basic Education.

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