Tanner and Seth’s Summer Success Stories

Through the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council’s (PIC) 2023 Summer Work Experience Program, Seth and Tanner were placed at two different local school districts. Not only did they earn a paycheck, but they strengthened their physical and interpersonal skills in the process.

Tanner, a proactive student with prior work experience, embraced the chance to expand his skills and be outdoors. He completed tasks ranging from cleaning to using a zero-turn lawn mower but emphasized how the program impacted his tactical skills as well as personal growth.

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Seth, a hardworking high school student, worked at the school to help prepare for the upcoming school year. Even though Seth had little work experience, he showed up on time and worked hard each day. He showed exceptional reliability and work ethic while learning to operate new equipment..

These success stories illustrate the positive influence of the PIC Summer Work Experience Program, offering valuable opportunities for individuals with varied work backgrounds and empowering them with essential skills and a strong work ethic for their future endeavors.

Read Tanner and Seth’s full stories below.


Tanner, a proactive student with a pre-existing work history, sought additional opportunities to expand his skills and spend more time outdoors during the summer. Excited to make the most of his summer break, he applied for the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council’s (PIC) Summer Work Experience Program.

Assigned to work at a local school, Tanner took on various responsibilities, including cleaning, mowing, and caring for newly planted trees. His dedication was displayed through his punctuality and effective communication with his supervisors.


Reflecting on his experience, Tanner shared what he learned through the PIC paid work experience program: “I learned how to use my time wisely when I was cleaning. I learned how to clean different things in the school. I learned how to use a zero-turn lawnmower. I learned how to do one task at a time and not to do more than one thing at a time. I learned how to work together with the people I work with.” All of these lessons learned highlight areas of growth both in technical and personal development throughout the summer.

Tanner’s dedication and skills acquired through the program will be used far into his future and whatever path he chooses.

Tanner’s success story shows the positive impact of the PIC Summer Work Experience Program, providing them with valuable opportunities to grow their skill sets in various areas.


Meet Seth, a hardworking high school student whose summer was transformed by the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council’s (PIC) Summer Work Experience Program. Seth, ready to gain real-world experience and skills for his future, joined the program and was placed with a local school district where he helped clean and prepare the building for the next school year.

Before this summer, Seth’s work experience was limited to household chores, but he approached the opportunity with excitement and dedication. Seth’s reliability and work ethic were evident throughout the program as he consistently arrived on time, ready to tackle the day’s tasks. Despite not having a license, Seth organized daily transportation, further showcasing his commitment.


When asked about his experience, Seth expressed his enjoyment of the hard work and outdoor activities. His overall positive experience left him eager to participate again next summer.

Seth’s success story highlights the impact of the PIC’s commitment to providing valuable opportunities for students like him throughout our region. Through the Summer Work Experience Program, Seth earned money and gained essential skills, work ethic, and a sense of accomplishment that will contribute to his future success.

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