Sade’s Success Story

Sade’s journey with the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council (PIC) showcases resilience, determination, and the support she received as she pursued her dreams. As a young single mom seeking assistance with job search and career planning, Sade engaged with the PIC’s career pathways and MFIP program over several years. Initially focusing on Certified Nursing Assistance (CNA), she successfully completed the program and began her CNA career after a brief break during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sade then transitioned to a childcare setting but discovered her true passion was in cosmetology, specifically as a nail technician. Despite facing health issues, family responsibilities, and transportation challenges, Sade stayed committed to her goals while the PIC’s support with transportation and schooling fees played a vital role in overcoming these obstacles.

sade's success story

She has earned enough wages to become self-sufficient and no longer receives any program assistance. She worked hard to meet her goals, and I am so proud of her!
– Amy Khamphanh (Worthington Office)

sade's success story cosmetology

Although her educational journey took longer than anticipated, Sade remained determined. Balancing her coursework and working full-time to cover the remaining schooling costs, she was victorious and passed all state boards and license tests!

Now, as a successful full-time nail technician, Sade has achieved self-sufficiency, surpassing the need for program assistance. Her story is an example of how determination, along with some strategic support, can lead to transformative outcomes. Her journey with the PIC serves as an inspiration to others facing challenges, showing that with resilience and the right support, you can overcome barriers and achieve your dreams!

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